today stands on the solid foundation of 50 years of experience in incense sticks (agarbattis) trade.

Shri. Himmatlalji Oswal began his forays into incense sticks (agarbattis) trade in 1956 in a small town near Pune. He popularized the use of branded incense sticks, in those days, with his pioneering approach. The sampling techniques and innovative marketing strategies adopted by him made his business flourish.

His elder son Shri. Prakashchand Oswal decided to expand the activities in the incense sticks trade by going in for backward integration. In 1973, he started manufacturing activities in Pune. Now he is well supported in his efforts by his younger brother, Sohanraj and members of next generation of the family.

Today Oswal Traders boasts of a wide range of brands of incense sticks and allied products. More than 50 brands were developed over the years, which became popular in local market.

Oswal Traders owes its success to the network of dedicated distributors, patronage of thousands of households and the dedication of trained staff.

Committed to customer satisfaction through consistent quality, innovation in fragrances , packaging and timely deliveries has helped Oswal Traders to become a leading name in Incense Sticks Industry in Maharashtra, India.

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